Tip #30. How to configure the search for items outside the content

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SharePoint search is content-bases and depends on content location. This means that random page, outside the designated location, won’t be returned from the content-scoped search.

For example, you have a “Medical” section of your site and you are planning the “Medical” search. You will get the right set when search by “medical” items. But what to do if one of your pages outside the “Medical” location, relates to the “Medical” area, and that page must be in the resulted set?! By default you wont see that page in results.

To change that behavior and add the random pages to the search results set based on the content, include the property "contentclass" in the page content type, visible only at editing time. That's put page into scope.

Returning back to our example, placing the world "Medical" in hidden field would enable this page to be selected in a search scope.

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