Tip #50: FBA crawling doesn't support Wizard-based and Dynamic Pages with AJAX

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Office SharePoint Server 2007 does not support crawling content on sites that have logon pages that contains a series of forms that span multiple pages (wizard-based forms), or forms that use dynamic content rendered.

Such pages of logon forms might change dynamically, because they are designed to use technologies such as AJAX. A logon screen that uses AJAX can present new options to a user without a visible postback — in other words, scripting enables the display of new data without the need to refresh the page in the browser. When a user interacts with a logon page that uses this technology, he or she might type a password, and then be presented with a new form to answer a security question, without seeing the page refresh in the browser.

SharePoint 2007 doesn't provide crawling rules for sites that use such dynamic type of page design.



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