Tip #71: Why you can't save Office File to SharePoint Library on Windows Server 2008

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Using SharePoint 2007 on Windows Server 2008 might bring additional steps to configuration that didn't exist in Windows Server 2003. On of the most questioned area is "why I can't save Office Document to the SharePoint Library"?

On Windows Server 2003 you can create new Office document via Document Library toolbar and save this document back to Library directly from the Office. However, in the SharePoint instance on Windows Server 2008 you will be asked to save the document to the hard drive. You won't see SharePoint Lists and typing the name of the server in the "Save" dialog box will generate the error "Path doesnt hot found".

The issue of this is that WebDav access and functionality to browser the site structure is incorporated to "Desktop Experience" feature of Windows Server 2008. It's a new feature and not enabled by default. So, to have ability save document to SharePoint from Office you need to add  "Desktop Experience" feature to Windows Server 2008 manually (unfortunately, server restart is required).

SharePoint 2010 is affected as well.

Screenshots and installation of "Desktop Experience" are in that post http://www.21apps.com/sharepoint/windows-server-2008-developing-sharepoint-cant-connect-from-office-clients/

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