Tip #87: SharePoint 2010 backup and restore caveats

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Planning of backup & restore process becomes very critical when you are handling the large content volume in SharePoint 2010 due to some of the limitations of the content backup and performance issues. Let's say you have the terabytes of data in your SharePoint 2010 Farm and you create the backup/restore policy.

The following things are important to consider:

  • Farm backup and recovery using Central Administration or stsadm/powershell command processes 600GB of data for 6 hours
  • SQL Server backup processes 600GB of data for 6 hours
  • System Center Data Protection Manager processes terabytes of data for 6 hours
  • SQL FILESTREAM provider does not support SQL Server snapshots backup
  • Remote Blob Storage (RBS) should be installed on source and destination backup servers >>
  • Use "Backup Compression" feature of SQL Server 2008 R2 that increases the performance >>
  • Web application and service application settings are not included in a configuration backup, so backup/restore them manually >>
  • Workflows are not included into export sites or lists
  • It's not recommend to backup SharePoint Server 2010 site collection that are larger than 85 GB
  • Restore process using Central Administration will not automatically start all of the service applications >>
  • SharePoint Server 2010 backup backs up the Business Data Connectivity service external content type definitions but does not back up the data source itself  >>
  • The search index is not stored in SQL Server. If you use SQL Server tools to back up and restore search, you must perform a full crawl after you restore the content database.
  • SharePoint Server 2010 allows to backup and restore the Farm Configuration settings, however neither SQL Server nor Data Protection Manager are able to do it >>



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