Farm Configuration

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Activate SharePoint License

Navigate to the Central Administration site and activate SharePoint license – Enterprise or Standard. Different licenses activate different set of OOTB Features for the farm.

Be careful when choosing which one to activate, because there is no way to downgrade to Enterprise License after activation of the Standard one.

Assign roles to servers

Navigate to the central Administration site and assign SharePoint roles across all farms servers, according infrastructure design and topology.

Configure administrative tasks

Configure administrative tasks across servers, like email settings, blocked type, logging and etc. Setup SharePoint Shared Services and configure all related services like Search, Query, Application Services, Profiles and etc.

Disable Windows SharePoint Services Web Application

Navigate to the Central Administration site and disable “Web Application” role for all servers in farm, except application servers. This action will disable “Central Administration” site and IIS won’t use additional resources to host this application.

Configure Warm-Up scripts

Install site “warm-up” scripts. Those scrips will compile each page of SharePoint site collections when box restarts or after IIS poor restarts. This script improves the response time when users request pages first time.

Those warm-up scrips use STADM command to “warm-up” the administrative interfaces and hit each page in the portal to force their JIT. The collection “warm-up” scripts available there

Recycle IIS application pool at different time

Make sure that the application pools are set to recycle at different times on different Web servers, in case of multiple Web servers in the farm.

Recycle different IIS Web sites at different times to avoid peaks on the Web servers. When recycling more than one application pool on a specific Web server at the same time, temporarily remove that Web server from the load balancer to avoid bad user experience.

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