Tip #15. Users in SharePoint groups affect crawling performance

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Be careful when you add users explicitly to SharePoint Groups - it's not recommended approach by several reasons

  1. SharePoint ACL is limited to the number of users. For the large farms your might hit the limit of user's you can add.
  2. New added user forces Search to perform "Security only Crawl" full content recrawling (that cause performance issue).
To avoid these limitations consider adding AD groups, instead of single users.

If you add/remove users from the SharePoint group it will force search to crawl content - "Security only crawl". Incremental crawl starts to update security changes, and all “Updated ACL’s” must be pushed down to all affected items within the index. This process might take a lot of time if changes affect a lot of items in SharePoint and you have big number of users in SharePoint.

Managing users via AD groups won't cause ACL changes, and no security only crawls will occur.

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