Tip #90: Don't use PerformancePoint on WFE

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Take into account that SharePoint 2010 PerformacePoint Services should be activated on the Application Server only, not on WFE. Cite from "Microsoft SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint Services Unleashed" book

"Although not an option available through the setup UI, it is possible to configure SharePoint to have web front-end (WFE) servers through command-line setup. It is possible to start the PerformancePoint Service on a WFE box that is not capable of successfully running the PerformancePoint Service. If this happens, the user periodically sees errors when using PerformancePoint whenever a web service request goes to the WFE box that has this service incorrectly running on it. Before proceeding, make sure that this is running only on the appropriate application servers."

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