Tip #27. How to make Web Part zone WCAG compliant

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SharePoint provides you a nice ASP.NET model of Web Parts functionality. But there are several issues in accessibility of these WebParts.

When we are building the internet faced public sites and trying to apply Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) on Web Part Zones it come back and bite us. The major problem is that Web Part zone is not WCAG compliant.

There are several ways to achieve desired behavior

  1. Accessibility Kit for SharePoint”.
    It seems to be very logical step to consider :) There are 25(!) different adapters, which have to address accessibility of Web Parts, but harsh reality is that none of them address Web Parts Zones compliance. Yep, it’s not a joke :) So, cross out this point
  2. Custom adapter on the top of WebPartZone to render content with <DIV> tag.
    Unfortunately SharePoint integrated a lot if JavaScripts to their web parts zones, that current approach breaks drag-n-drop functionality of Web Parts. (I reckon that’s why AKT didn’t address this issue)

In these days using custom adapters is the only way to achieve WCAG for Web Parts Zone. It won’t work for the intranet sites, due to broken drag-n-drop functionality, but for public sites it has not disadvantages, because you usually don’t allow users to change layout of public sites.

You can find custom adapter for the Web Parts zone there. Thanks to "eigilm" for this code.

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