Tip #6. How to find stsadm command you forgot

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When you administrate SharePoint or develop new application one of the most frequently used console command is STSADM. This command provide you specifc access to the SharePoint functionality via commands. STSADM has a huge number of commands, which is hard to find from the results it prints in console.

There is a nice trick how to find the command you forgot, but only remember a part of a name - use stsadm |find "<name>", where is "name" is a part of the orginal command.

For example, you forgot the command which contains the “feature” word, and trying to find all commands with such name


[new] Alternatively, you can use STSADM Silverlight Viewer that shows you all stsadm command online. The good thing about this viewer is that it provides you filtering by "non-UI", "sp1" and "sp2" commands. This simplify understanding what's available via Central Administration and what are the changes between service packs.

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