Tip #35. How much navigation providers SharePoint uses

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SharePoint provides you several navigation providers to be used for you sites.

There are 5 WSS navigation providers:

  • SPNavigationProvider
  • SPSiteMapProvider
  • SPContentMapProvider
  • SPXmlContentMapProvider
  • SPXmlAdminContentMapProvider (via Central Administration)

and 10 MOSS providers

  • AdministrationQuickLaunchProvider
  • SharedServicesQuickLaunchProvider
  • GlobalNavSiteMapProvider
  • CombinedNavSiteMapProvider
  • CurrentNavSiteMapProvider
  • CurrentNavSiteMapProviderNoEncode
  • MySiteMapProvider
  • MySiteLeftNavProvider
  • SiteDirectoryCategoryProvider
  • UsagePagesSiteMapProvider

The full description and summary info about these providers can be found in this post

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