[SP2010] User Interface Changes

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User Interface Changes

Customers familiar with the previous version of SharePoint will notice some major changes to the user interface in SharePoint 2010.


The new changes are:

  1. Ribbon UI – all managements and changes are done via the new Rubbon UI interface that we know by Office 2007 that is called Fluent UI now. This user interface concept has been adopted by SharePoint 2010 to provide a seamless, familiar and responsive user experience across the entire Office suite
  2. Multilingual UI – SharePoint 2010 provides different localization of the interfaces. Compating to SharePoint 2007 when you can localize only content, SharePoint 2010 provides you multilingual support for Ribbon, menus and site navigation. Moreover, site owners can configure fields within lists to support multiple languages.
  3. Compliance and Accessibility – app pages are XHTML, WCAG 2.0 AA complaint. Unfortunately, SharePoint still categorize browsers on two levels. - Level 1 and 2 browser support. Level 1 browsers are: IE7, IE8, FF – all 32bit browsers where 100% of functionality is guarantee; Level 2 browsers are IE7-IE8 x64, Safari, FF on other platforms, with some limitations in rendering and behaviour.  IE6 is not supported
  4. Validation of List and Libraries – each item in a list or library now supports item-level and list-level validation. For instance, a list owner can configure a validation to disallow the start date of an event item, stored in one column, to be after the end date of the event, stored in another column
  5. Office Web Services - SharePoint 2010 features rich out of the box integration with Web versions of the most popular Office client applications so people can access documents, spreadsheets, presentations and notes without worrying the machine they are on has the latest Office client installed
  6. Old Look and Feel - the stadard 2007 theme is supported, and is defaul when you perform migration from SharePoint 2007
  7. [new] Themes no longer exist in Windows SharePoint Services "14" and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, so any customizations and design work that you have done with themes will not be imported into the new interface
  8. [new] Two way of UI changes – customization of UX or simple via API that become possible with SharePoint 2010
  9. [new] Office Web Services is a replacement for the Office client and installing on the top of SharePoint 2010 to provide all functionality of the Office 2010 over the Web, thus allowing users to collaborate and edit documents interactively together.
  10. [new] 10 New and 4 removed Templates - the following templates have been added to SharePoint 2010:  GroupBoard, Visio Process, Bugs, Charitable Contributions, Projects, Enterprise Seach Center, Basic Search Center, FAST Search Center, Enterprise Wike . The next ones have been removed: Site Directory, Search Center with Tabs, Search Center, Collaboration Portal
  11. [new] Validation of the user’s input into list columns (formula based)
  12. [new] Configuration Wizards in Central Administration simplify the most popular command actions, for example – Farm Configuration Wizard

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