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What’s new in Services

SharePoint 2010 provides the new architectural model of services, deprecating the SSP approach completely. Instead of this SharePoint 2010 provides new approach of the isolated set of services that can be easily shared across web applications and site collections

Service Name

Service Description

Access Services

Enables users to view, edit, and interact with Microsoft Access databases in a Web browser.

Application Registry Service

Enables users to search and collaborate around business data.

Business Data Catalog

Enables structured data from line-of-business applications, such as SAP and Siebel systems, to be integrated into SharePoint Server "14".

Excel Services

Enables users to view and interact with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in a Web browser.

Lotus Notes Connector

Enables users to search data on a Lotus Notes server.

Managed Metadata Service

Enables teams or departments to manage their own taxonomy, hierarchies, keywords, and social tagging infrastructure, so that, for example, taxonomies and content types can be shared across the organization (across site collections and web applications)


Enables users to search for people within their organization to, for example, find skills, memberships within enterprise communities, and shared interests.

Performance Point Service

Balanced scorecard and dynamic dashboard tool that allows power users/IT to create dynamic and highly interactive dashboards that display strategy to operations. Performance Point Services allows you to combine multiple data sources, and objects providing a single view of the business

Search Service Application

Enables user to index content, gather information, and perform search queries.

Secure Store Service

Enables users to store data securely, and associate it to a specific identity or group of identities.

State Service

Enables users to temporarily store user session data for SharePoint Server "14" components.

Usage and Health data collection

Collects farm-wide usage and health data, so that users can view usage and health reports.

Visio Graphics Service

Enables users to view and refresh published Visio diagrams.

Web Analytics Web Service

Collects data about how users access pages in a deployment of SharePoint Server, such as the search engine used and keywords that the end user types to find a site.

Word Conversion Service Application

Enables users to perform automated bulk document conversions.


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